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Free Delivery

Within 120 miles of West Sussex, with a direct personal service. Certain listings can be purchased individually, with the majority being case prices of 12 bottles, although cases can be in multiples of six to make up the dozen. Bulk buys discounted included.

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We have the best customer award scheme in the UK, guaranteed. We have built a valuable clientbase and your loyalty is always rewarded and appreciated through word of mouth. When was the last time your wine merchant rewarded you with free gifts?

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Why Buy

Offering a direct personal service catering your needs with attention to detail. All questions professionally & swiftly answered, whether you're after a certain grape variety, or selections for your forthcoming wedding. A PERSONAL service like no other!

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Sought after selections. Fancy drinking what no one else has!

We source rare wines from both the UK and Europe with perfect provenance, some fully exclusive. Corporate offerings with unbeatable tailored-deals in the country (all year round). Let us know your budget, as we cannot be beaten on price. Investing this year? Please see our investment section for more or ask directly.

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Expert knowledge. Have your own personal wine expert guide you!

Need advice - WELCOME | Direct personal attention guaranteed 24/7 for all your seasonal and company needs. We take pride in being the leading merchant in the UK for all personal requests that you may have, including organic wines, investment wines, corporate requests, christening organizing, as well as finding the right wine to match your sensitive palate. Let's find the right one to suit you!

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Home wine tastings. Have an exciting theme night set up!

Let us do the hard work for you, with a free talk through of wines for your guests. Very popular! Please apply via email or call us on +44 (0) 1903 207914

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